Fashion brand HaaT from Issey Miyake presents the Ultimate Black series as part of its 2014 SS Collection. In stores from Feb 1.

Ultimate Black is created inspired from crested black kimonos, formal wear since the Edo period. The series uses a deep black color, which was born from a special technique invented by artisans, who competed with each other to produce the deepest shade of black. When an artisan in Kyoto accidentally dropped an egg on kimono cloth while dyeing it black, the spot smeared with the egg became darker than the others. That is how the technique was born. HaaT introduces original textiles and design using this technique.

Jacket (71,400 yen), dress (70,000 yen), cardigan (57,750 yen) and pants (71,400 yen) are some of the items being sold.

The series is also available for purchase at the pop-up event at Isetan Shinjuku (4F) from Feb 12 to 17.