In commemoration of the airing of the TV program “The Beatles Tribute Live- Grammy Special,” Tsutaya Books Daikanyama opened the store “Get Back,” which lines up items related to the world renowned rock band. Until Feb 16.

Get Back is a Beatles specialty store which opened on Dec 8, 1982 in Takadanobaba, Tokyo. The store now operates as an online store since 2009. For the special event at Tsutaya Books, limited edition lithographs, interior gold discs, limited edition figures, tees from Paul McCartney’s past tours, the Beatles’ 50th anniversary items and more are gathered from around the world. Some of the items are also on sale.

The Beatles Tribute Live will be aired from 9 pm on Feb 11 on WOWOW. Grammy winning artists such as Alicia Keys and Maroon 5 as well as Eurythmics, which will reunite for that one night only, will perform hit songs from the Beatles. A related program named “Beatles and Me” will air on the same day from 7:30 pm. Through interviews of over 50 people, the history of the Beatles will be unveiled.

At the 56th Grammy Awards, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr each performed one of their hit songs. During Paul’s performance Ringo played the drums, and their act caught the attention of the audience and became a subject in the media soon after.