REBIRTH PROJECT, led by Japanese actor Yusuke Iseya, launches the All Japan Uniform Committee as a means to design Japanese uniforms with environmentally friendly materials and implement a system of recycling.

Appointing designer HUE of men’s street brand “DELUXE” to design the uniforms and working with Itochu and textile manufacturers to create ethical materials, the new committee will act as producer. For its initial project, the uniforms of Itochu Enex will be renewed. A sporty type and classic type will be designed in four colors. On Jan 31, a public ballot will be performed on the committee website to choose the uniform from these samples. The new uniform will be implemented starting this fall.

The aim of the committee is to design stylish eco-friendly uniforms for companies taking part in the project. Through the process of creating the uniforms, the goal is to motivate the staff at each of the companies and also to contribute to corporate social responsibility. The target is to produce ethical uniforms for 10 million people by the date of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, using recyclable and natural materials such as polyester and organic cotton.

The REBIRTH PROJECT was founded in 2009, and tackles the big question, “what kind of actions do we need to take for humankind to continue existing on this planet?” The project looks back on the history of society and the environment, and creates business models suitable for future lifestyles. Under the leadership of Iseya and the name of REBIRTH VILLAGE, many creators/artists/producers from Japan gather to support education, art and other genres necessary in life with their unique, creative perspectives.