GalaabenD handled the costume designs for the movie “Black Butler” to be in theaters from Jan 18.

The brand designed the costumes for the main character Sebastian played by Hiro Mizushima and Kiyoharu/Shiori Genpou played by Ayame Goriki. For Sebastian’s costume, it took roughly 3 months to complete including fitting and numerous meetings with Mizushima and his stylist. The Napoleon jacket, bowtie and gilet are finished off with a dressy and sexy appeal. The costumes currently decorate the windows of the directly operated GalaabenD store located in Harajuku, Tokyo. Until Jan 24.

“I wanted to make sure that I got the right size and perfect bodyline in line with my character’s graceful movements,” explained Mizushima. The back of the tailcoat was designed long so that the tail would sway elegantly with the movements of Sebastian. The designer paid attention to details, with original buttons and lapel pins created based on heraldry. To play his character, Mizushima went on a diet to make sure his weight was less than 60 kg.

The movie distributed from Warner Bros. is based on the manga with the same title, which sold over 18 million copies as a series. The manga has been translated to suit 42 countries/regions. Kentaro Otani who directed “NANA” and Keiichi Sato who directed “Tiger & Bunny” serve as the directors. Yuka, Mizuki Yamamoto and Louis Kurihara are also starring in the film. Will be screened at Shinjuku Piccadilly and other theaters around Japan.