The results of the “Opinion Poll on Women and Color” by Shogakukan Woman’s Insight Lab were revealed on Jan 9. Targeting the AneCan generation, the survey investigated which colors the fashion conscious women in the upper 20’s and the 30’s fancy and how they incorporate the use of colors in their fashion.

---No.1 Favorite is Pink! “Accent Color” as the Keyword---

The survey was conducted from Dec 1 to 17, 2013 to 100 readers of “AneCan”, a fashion magazine that targets women around the age of 30. The poll also included a questionnaire to 10 members of the amateur AneCan reader-model unit, “AneLADY100”.

For the category of “favorite color(s)”, pink championed with reasons being “womanly,” “up-lifting” and “bright.” Next in line were black and white; the two basic colors popular for being “suitable for anything” and “independent of trend and season.”

When shopping for clothes, 84% of the respondents select “the color that they like”, as well as “the colors that go well with their skin tone” (83%). Also, a high percentage of 60% replied that they are well-conscious of “colors that reflect the seasons.”

In turn, when shopping for items that they usually carry around (mobile phone/ smartphone, notebook, digital camera, etc.), 84% said they choose the “color that they like” while only 47% take into account whether “the color suits their skin tone.” Only 6% are conscious of “the seasonal colors.” Overall, women of this age group tend to select “the color that they like” over trends when shopping in general.

Furthermore, a majority of 94% of the respondents answered that “colors” are “very important” or “important” when selecting attires and items they frequently use. Eighty-eight percent agreed that “the colors of their outfit and items they hold have influence on their emotions,” revealing that psychological factors play an important role in choosing color hues.

--- AneLADY100 Members’ Fashion Strategy---

Through the questionnaires, members of AneLADY100 introduced their personal opinions on color coordination. “I like to combine basic colored outfits with accessories in red or green or other colors that I like. It can be dull if you only have basic colors. Accent colors make a big difference.” “Since I wear a lot of white, beige, and brown, I make a statement by adding a little bit of bold colors.” “I match everything in my purse- notebook, wallet, pouch, smartphone- with pink.”

As the AneLADYs, many voiced similar tactics in the survey, revealing that many women around age 30 coordinate their total look with basic colors for clothes and accent colors on bags, shoes, and accessories. The key, it seems, is the “accent color” that reflects personal tastes.

AneLADYs also shared their thoughts on colors that work on the mind. “Before, I only wore black. But after hearing luck escapes people who wear only dark toned hues, I started to incorporate brighter shades in my outfit.” “I choose vivid colors for small things, like bright pink and red, to boost my energy. It makes me happy whenever I peek inside my bag.” “I decorate my house with white and brown to create a calm atmosphere.” “It’s relaxing to have plants and green in the room.” “When I’m on a diet, I use blue place mats because the color blue suppresses the appetite.”

There were also comments as: “The color that you like is not necessarily ‘the color that looks good on you.’” “If you know ‘the colors that go well with your skin tone’, you can have fun with ‘the color that you like’ on accessories and nails. It’s on the small parts that you can explore and experiment with depending on your moods.”

---Analysis “Relationship between Women and Colors” by Tomoki Shimano, Head of Shogakukan Woman Insight Lab---

Based on the survey results, Head of Shogakukan Woman Insight Lab Tomoki Shimano sees “the AneCan readers, mostly in the upper 20’s and 30’s, are in the process of growing out of the mindset of simply wanting to be seen as ‘cute’. The girls who used to pursue fashion and techniques that would make them ‘look good’ in the eyes of others are starting to focus more on their ‘feelings.’ They are starting to seek positive effects on their emotions, and this change is influencing how they select colors. It is apparent that they’re becoming more conscious of using exuberant colors that give them energy and turn on their confidence.”

Continuing on the recent trend of color variation marketing, Shimano explains: “It’s the fun of finding your own color through the mind-quenching processes of fussing and choosing ‘the perfect one’ from the abundant color variations. That’s the magic behind the color-variation items.”

Reflecting back on 2013, data proves the growing popularity of multicolor stocked items, such as the Cruciani C bracelets that sky-rocketed in the Japanese market last year. Recently released digital camera PENTAX Q7 provides a rich selection of 120 color combinations where buyers can choose different colors on the camera body and the grip. The color simulation system on its website aids customers in finding the right color combination.

“A woman enjoying colors is a woman adding colors = sexiness in her life,” says Shimano, for “sexiness” in Japanese (iroke) is a compound of “color” and “mood.”