On Jan 12, RMK’s new creative director KAORI appeared in a public event for the first time. Dubbed “SPUR × RMK Happy Makeup Day,” the event was held at Isetan Shinjuku. After holding a talk session with stylist Yoko Kageyama about the relationship of fashion and makeup, KAORI demonstrated makeup using the products from the latest RMK collection.

The 2014 SS collection proposes “pink” and to go with this color, KAORI chose “white.” On the day of the event, she was wearing a white vest and white pants. She demonstrated two patterns of makeup under the themes “Sweet Sexy” and “Mode Sexy.” Using the same eye shadow and blush for both, she changed the impressions between the two greatly by introducing different shades of lipstick. Participants in the crowd listened attentively to the tips she provided along with the demonstration.

“Japanese women are great at perfecting certain parts of the makeup process, but why not try to create the ideal balance between makeup and fashion? It is important to gaze yourself in the mirror before you leave the house and check to see if you are feeling excited or not. I want people to change their makeup daily, as they do with clothes,” said KAORI during the talk session. “The world of beauty is often associated with haute couture, but actually casual makeup exists, as does casual clothing. Our latest items can be used for casual makeup,” she continued.

Most of the participants of the event applied through the magazine SPUR, and only 1/30 of the applicants were selected by lucky draw.

KAORI will also appear for a makeup show to be held at Umeda Hankyu. She’s already busy being the new face of RMK.