On Jan 22, Cabaret Voltaire will release the album “Drinking Gasoline” as series no. 2 of the reissue series. Limited editions that come with collaboration tee by Sk8ightTing, the graphic designer for the brand C.E, will also go on sale.

Drinking Gasoline is the remastered version of an EP of 4 songs, first released in 1985. The new version comes as a 2 disc set which includes the visual of Gasoline in Your Eye and 4 new music videos.

The collaboration tee that comes with the limited edition is designed by Sk8ightTing, who was involved in the launch of GOODENOUGH and A BATHING APE and then went onto launching C.E. The back of the tee is adorned with the arranged logo of globally well-known Mute Records.

There are two types of limited editions, one in a limited number of 100, which comes with a black tee. The other, which comes with a white tee, will be sold in limited numbers on the mail order site “ANYWHERE STORE” by ele-king.

Cabaret Voltaire is a British industrial music band formed in 1973. They have been on hiatus since 1995 however, 3 revived editions including The Crackdown were released this year, receiving high acclamation.