Parisian fragrance brand “diptyque” opened its first flagship store in Japan. Located at the address: 5-6-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The store design fuses Western and Japanese elements. The entrance is imaged after a Japanese garden and is decorated with a stone pavement and greenery. The interior introduces shelves made with Raku tiles and walls adorned with alphabet motifs in gold. At the center of the store, 500 candles in different sizes are arrayed like a tower. The three-story building houses the commercial area on the first floor, workshop area on the second and office on the third.

In commemoration of the opening, candle named “Tokyo” with scents of plum and cherry blossoms and “Paris,” scenting of Lily of the Valley and linden flowers (6,825 yen each), along with lanterns with the images of either of the cities (12,600 yen each) is sold exclusively at the store. Under the theme “festival of lights,” Christmas candles in the colors orange, green or purple are also available, along with limited edition gift sets for this year’s holidays.

The standard lineup includes: fragrances, scented candles, soaps and skincare series imaged after the Mediterranean Sea. Fragrance and candle scented with cassis and vanilla named “BAIES” and diffuser in the shape of an hourglass (15,750 yen) are popular items. Japanese style wrapping paper imaged after each of the scents is made by layering 3 sheets of thin paper like origami.

“The brand had been keen on opening a store in Japan. We ended up spending four times more than we planned as we wanted to ensure top quality. We plan on opening more stores here after assessing locations and design,” explained Kazuhisa Fukuzumi, the president of diptyque Japan.