The grand finals for the 53rd Miss International Beauty Pageant 2013 is coming up. on Dec 9, two days after kicking off the campaign in Tokyo, the 66 beauties gathered from all over the world made an impressive introduction before the press at Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Takanawa, Tokyo.

The contestants revealed the extravagant national costumes representing their country. Miss Spain beamed in a flamenco dress, Miss Vietnamn in ao dai, Miss Hungary in a dress that incorporated traditional embroideries and ethnic designs. National flags were also featured, such as the Union Jack pattern on Miss UK and the crescent motif on Miss Singapore's dress. Miss Japan, Yukiko Takahashi confidently showed off her long legs through a kimono-motif costume which applied the tsutsugaki dyeing technique that continues from the Edo Period.

“It was fun seeing so many national costumes expressing countries and regions around the world. I hope to have fun at this pageant, do my best in my own beautiful way, and aim for the top,” Takahashi told the press.

After the swimsuit competition, Miss Photogenic was voted by the press. Miss Lithuania, Elma Segzdaviciute won the title and revealed that it is her third time in Japan. “I am honored to be awarded in a country I adore so much. I had never been to Hakone, so I was excited we all got to visit. I hope I can climb Mt. Fuji someday.”

As the host for the year’s pageant, International Culture Association joined hands with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which promotes the “Cool Japan Policy.” Under the collaboration, the Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty tour prominent places and hot sightseeing spots in and around Tokyo and report to the world what the delegates feel are “Cool, Kawaii, and Oishii (delicious)” on Facebook.

Last weekend, the Misses enjoyed shopping at Daikanyama Tsutaya, Ginza, and Odaiba. Until the grand finals, the troupe will visit the Imperial Palace and experience the tradition of this country through programs such as Kado (flower arrangement) and Sado (tea ceremony).

The final competition will commence from 5:30 pm on Dec 17 at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Annex Tower. Miss International 2008, Alejandra Andreu of Spain, who will be participating from the judges seat, commented: “Every one of the contestants this year is just wonderful. We have a hard, top-quality competition going on here. The girls remind me of when I was where they are standing now. I’m looking forward to sharing the excitement with everyone, on and off the stage.”