Keio Corporation promoting building rehabilitation at Kichijoji Station (Inokashira Line) will open a new commercial facility in the spring of 2014.

The main target is women in their 30s who hold their own sense of values. Under the concept “Finding a New Me and Favorites,” the new facility will become a place to wind down for women coming home from work or taking time away from their children. The name “Kirarina Kichijoji” expresses the aim of becoming a place where shoppers can find gleaming (kirarina) items to help them shine.

The facility covers the B2F to 9F and will house unique shops new to the area. Fashion items, organic cosmetics, and lifestyle items will be among the lineup. Rooftop garden and cafes will also be available. The “Food parc” (B1F) will open with the focus on high quality and novel daily foods.