For 2014’s Salon du Chocolat event, Koji Tsuchiya of Theobroma will reproduce the chocolate introduced in the manga “Shitsuren Chocolatier.”

6 types of bonbon chocolates from the manga including the one decorated with the 4-leaf clover from the store “choco la vie” in story 3 of Book 1 will be made.

The special chocolate assortment will be sold exclusively starting with Isetan Shinjuku (will be sold between Jan 22 to 27, 2014). They will also be sold at JR Kyoto Isetan, JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, Iwataya main store, Nagoya Sakae Mitsukoshi, Sendai Mitsukoshi and Marui Imai Sapporo main store.

The manga is about a guy named Sota Koyurugi who moves to France to become a chocolatier to impress a girl named Saeko, who he has a crush on. It won the 36th Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shojo Manga and the 2nd anan Manga Grand Prize. The manga is available until the 7th book with the total number of copies exceeding 1 million. The author Setona Mizushiro is known to be a fan of chocolate and she designed the charity box for the Salon du Chocolat event held this January.

The manga will be made into a TV drama series by Fuji Television next January, starring Jun Matsumoto of the popular idol group Arashi.

(c) Setona Mizushiro/ Shougakukan Flower Comics Alpha