On Nov 19, Shiseido presented its latest makeup collection for 2014SS, “Celebrate Color with Dick Page.”

Dick Page, makeup artist and artistic director for Shiseido, attended the event which was held at IDOL in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo. “The collection is full of colors, which I chose based on their charms. I want everyone to play with the different colors,” he said. Model Sui He, who is a muse for the brand from this spring/summer, also attended the event.

TOKYO DANDY served as DJ for the event. Yoshiko Kris-Webb, who is a popular model for the fashion magazine “VERY,” directed the event. A spot to take photos with a prop of the new Lacquer Gloss, photos of Page’s atelier, and corner to enjoy the coloring of the latest items were presented.

Shiseido’s makeup line, which fuses the brand’s techniques and Page’s sensibilities, was introduced from January 2009. The line-up for 2014 SS includes: Lacquer Rouge (7 new shades, 3,675 yen each), Lacquer Gloss (8 shades, 3,150 yen each), Shimmering Cream Eye Color (8 shades, 3,150 yen each) and Sheer Eye Zone Corrector (2 shades, 3,780 yen each). Available at 250 department stores in Japan and the brand’s online store from Jan 1, 2014.