Japan exclusive bags from Givenchy will go on sale from Nov 20.

The iconic bag series “Nightingale” and “Pandora” for women line-up leopard print designs. Nightingale presents bags in 3 sizes (Micro: 194,250 yen, S: 236,250 yen, M: 262,500 yen) and a long wallet (84,000 yen). From Pandora, M size bag (220,500 yen) and pouch (77,700 yen) will be available. All items are available in two colors, brown or white.

For men’s, nylon backpacks with leather pockets and gold or gun metal colored studs (costs 139,650 yen each) will be in store. The interior has 2 leather pockets and a large pocket with cushion for storing devices such as a PC or iPad.

The designs of the backpacks are linked to the style of the matching wallet (44,100 yen), which was presented this spring/summer. The star-shaped studs are inspired from the stars of the US flag and were also introduced as motifs in the 2013-14 AW Men’s Collection.