On Sept 26, Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara made her debut at the Paris Collections in Olympia Le Tan’s 2014 SS show.

Mizuhara appeared in the middle of the show wearing a sexy rubber jacket and pants in sailor style, holding a fish shaped bag. Her hair was styled like a pin-up model from the 50s, and Japanese models watching from the audience cheered her on as she walked the runway. The show was themed after an aquarium at night.

“I was very excited about the offer and had a great time in the show. I love everything about Olympia Le Tan. Her designs are dreamy, cute and classical,” said Mizuhara after the show.

Olympia Le Tan is known as a DJ as well as the designer of bags in the shape of books, decorated with felt embroidery. She launched her bag brand in 2009. She debuted at the Paris Collections last October and was also selected as one of the finalists for the ANDAM Fashion Award. Each of the bags comes with its own serial number and is produced in limited numbers. In Japan, the bags are popular, and some customers are on the waitlist to purchase the items.