On Sept 13, Louis Vuitton revealed its revamped store located at Matsuya Ginza. For the renewal, the store space was expanded into the 3rd floor, making it the largest in Japan for the brand.

On the 1st floor, leather items for both men and women are lined-up. Women’s pret-a-porter and shoes are available on the 2nd floor, and men’s items on the 3rd. The 3rd floor also lines-up the stationary collection “Writing Universe,” which is only lined-up in Paris and Munich. In commemoration of the renewal, the W series bag collection, lining up bags whose bodies resemble the shape of the letter W, is being pre-sold. Costs between 401,100 yen to 561,750 yen. The series will be in other stores from Sept 27.

The architecture and exterior of the store was designed by Jun Aoki, and the interior by Peter Marino. The design of the exterior goes beyond the 3rd floor and extends to the 8th floor. It features the symbolic motif “Louis Vuitton Damier” with contorted and soft lines. After sunset, the built-in lights illuminate the edges of the Damier patterns. On the 2nd floor, eel leather, which also decorates the other Louis Vuitton stores by Marino, adorns the wall. It is the first time to use white eel leather.