MyVoice Communications, Inc., an online research company ran a survey for luxury brands from Aug 1 to 5. This is the third survey conducted, collecting 10,074 responses altogether.

The top 12 for highly recognized brands included- Gucci (84.5%), Hermes (84.0%), Chanel (80.8%) and others, all obtaining around 80%. While Emilio Pucci (18.9%), kate spade (22.1%), Bottega Veneta (25.8%) and others, obtained around 20~30%. As for ascending brands, about 30% of answerers responded as COACH (8.9%), Louis Vuitton (8.5%), Hermes (5.2%), Gucci (4.7%), Marc Jacobs (4.1%), Chloe (4.0%), Miu Miu (3.9%), some of which were not included in the list for high recognition.

Luxury items the answerers own are: COACH (21.5%), Louis Vuitton (19.6%), Burberry (19.3%), Gucci (16.7%), each obtaining around 20%. Compared with the surveys in the past, COACH increased (women support 26 points more than men), however Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci decreased. Popular brands for men are: Burberry, dunhill, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and COACH from top to bottom.

The kinds of luxury items the answerers own are: bags, wallets, fashion items (hats, belts, ties, stoles, scarves and others), other items (key cases, card cases, pouches, key chains and others), with bags obtaining 40 points, and jewelry and accessories 24 points (women supported more than men). Favorite items of each brand are: clothes for Burberry, jewelry and accessories for Tiffany&Co., and stationary (pocket diaries, fountain pens and others) for Montblanc.

Around 60% of the answerers purchased luxury items (50% of men and 70% of women). The frequency is: once in a few years (11.6%), fewer than that (36.2%). Items the purchasers bought in 2013 are: bags and wallets (20%: 10% each). Places are: directly operated stores within department stores (39.3%: the largest number), outlet malls, stores overseas and directly operated street-level stores.