The rising popularity of items made collaborately with musicians and fashion brands is unceasing.

On ZOZOTOWN, and atmos joint-released a T-shirt line whose designs are based on the member's individual artworks of the single “DenDenPassion” which was released just this May. The 6 types of simple T-shirts with prints imaged after each members are designed under the concept “Fashion for Women to Enjoy”. Priced between 6,300 yen to 9,240 yen.

Shinsei Kamattechan teamed up with TOKYO FM to become its first collaborator. An original special baseball cap of FM Kamatte Channel “Ne Mosu Cap by CA4LA” was created after the vocalist Noko’s helmet. The easy-to-sport M-shaped baseball cap features the logo “Ne Mosu (ネ申)” at the front and tags the brand names of Shinsei Kamattechan and CA4LA. Priced 4,800 yen and available on the TOKYO FM shopping website “Shops.Love”.

Collaboration T-shirts by BiS Kaidan and RAGEBLUE will go on sale in limited numbers. The director of RAGEBLUE, being a fan of BiS Kaidan, initiated the collaboration. The T-shirts come with a printed logo “STAMFORD OF NOISE”- adding “OF NOISE” to the standard version of STAMFORD T-shirts. Members from BiS Kaidan will visit the RAGEBLUE store at Shibuya 109 Men’s on Aug 10 from 10am. There, the members will sell a limited 200 sets of an special edition poster and T-shirt. Priced at 3,500 yen.

rockin'on inc., a company that produces events such as Rock In Japan Festival and Countdown Japan, as well as the magazine Rockin’ on Japan, launches a new project dubbed “rockin' star★”. The project fuses rock with popular characters- such as Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Spider-Man, Evangelion, Batman, Beck, and Saint Young Men- onto T-shirts. Illustrators such as Inio Asano, Hisashi Eguchi and Naoki Yamamoto participated in the designs. 20 types of rock styled shirts (3,500 yen each) will go on sale on the official online store from Aug 14. The the online store showcases hot celebrities posing in the design T-shirts. Models include miwa, Fumi Nikaidou, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, THE BAWDIES, Mariko Goto, coldrain, TOTALFAT, Negoto, Ryohei Shima (the dresscodes), and Shohei Hatakeyama (The Mirraz).

At a time when sales of CDs and magazines are suffering while special edition items are hotly coveted at live concerts and events, new types of collaborations are becoming the market's new standard. With its unlimited potentials, it seems that the trend is here to stay.