World famous yoga instructor Tara Stiles, who supervised the debut collection for Reebok Yoga, visits Japan.

On Aug 2, a yoga session dubbed “Reebok×Tara Stiles New Style Yoga and Wear Event” was held at Reebok Japan headquarters. Popular Japanese model SHIHO, now also a working mother, attended the event as a guest.

“I can relate to Tara’s healthy approach to a happy lifestyle and her liberal ideas that derives from yoga. I usually practice yoga in a quiet room. After experiencing Tara’s style of doing yoga with upbeat music performed by a DJ, I find it just as liberating and refreshing,” says SHIHO.

Tara spoke out to her guests with encouraging comments such as “Focus on enjoying the moment rather than perfecting the form. Make sure you feel good about what you’re doing.”

Tara finished off the event by saying, “I am from a small farming village in Illinois. I'm the kind of girl who could have easily ended up spending my days driving a tractor. As long as you are happy and confident being you, anything is possible in life. Please don’t forget to be yourself. I hope that through yoga, all of you can spend each day with open hearts.”

Tara Stiles is the founder and owner of yoga studio “Strala Yoga” in New York. She has many supporters around the world for her easy to understand and healthy approaches to yoga. She is referred to as the “Yoga Rebel” by the New York Times. She currently has over 20 million viewers via SNS and takes good use in it to notice her fans of her yoga videos, blogs, cooking videos, etc that introduce Tara’s lifestyle. Her project with Reebok launched this year.