Emblems featuring goblins from Kyoto-based “KYO-TO-TO” are being sold as trendy items for the summer.

Until Aug 11, an event by the brand titled “Hyakki Yako (Pandemonium) 2013 – Shiny Goblin Emblems” is open on the B1 floor of URBAN RESEARCH KYOTO store. The event upgraded from the first one held last year, 100 emblems using fluorescent and phosphorescent yarns are being featured. Also, tabi socks with an umbrella goblin motif, and straps with a one-eyed goblin motif are in store.

As a special project, “Nikka,” a renowned sweets unit from Kyoto serves goblin sweets at the annexed café (time limited until Aug 4).

At Isetan Shinjuku store, “Goblin Event” is being held at the kimono section on the 7th floor from July 31. Aside from the emblems, towels and uchiwa (fans) with the illustrations of old Kyoto city are available.

KYO-TO-TO is an embroidery brand which creates items relating to Japanese culture and tradition under the theme “From Kyoto, Japan to the world via Tokyo.” The brand produces embroideries imaged after ancient paintings on folding screens and good luck mascots using Kyoto Yuzen techniques. It opened its first store along the approach to Yasaka Pagoda in Higashiyama, Kyoto this February.

For those interested in goblins, the “Yōkai : Demons, Folklore Creatures and GeGeGe no Kitarō” exhibit is currently being held at the Mitsui Memorial Museum (address: 2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi Chuo-ku, Tokyo). Until Sept 1.