On July 30, Uniqlo provided details on its upcoming autumn/winter collection. The season will line-up a number of silk and cashmere items at low prices. Design/art director Naoki Takizawa, fashion director Nicola Formichetti and Fast Retailing executive Yoshihiro Kunii appeared at the presentation to provide speeches.

Takizawa talked about “LifeWear,” the concept of the brand. He explains, “I’ve figured out how to express what Uniqlo had done so far in a simple and clear word. The brand has created fashion and lifestyles we had never experienced, that is ‘LifeWear.’ This is a new category with new roles, side by side to haute couture and sportswear.”

“LifeWear” consists of key projects such as HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down, Legging Pants and 9 others.

Kunii says, “We plan to introduce 1.6 million silk items (10 times more compared to the previous year) and 5.9 million cashmere items (of which 2.9 million will be made of 100% cashmere fabrics).”

Silk items are available for women’s only. 18 styles in 90 colors/patterns will be sold at prices ranging from 1,990 to 5,990 yen. This is the first time for the brand to introduce silk items on a global scale. As for cashmere, 17 styles in 140 colors/patterns for women’s, 13 styles in 100 colors/patterns for men’s, and 12 styles in 90 colors/patterns for accessories, will be introduced. In addition to 100% cashmere items, items made of cashmere blended with rayon and modal will be in store. Prices range from 1,550 to 9,990 yen. It has been 4 years since Uniqlo last lined-up 100% cashmere items for all of its stores in Japan.

“Looks made of colorful cashmere have a stylish broader hem and fashionable loose-fitting line. We want people to combine the look with a pair of loafers to bring luxurious designs into their daily lives,” says Formichetti.

In line with the renewed concept, visuals were also updated. The art direction was handled by Olivier Zahm, the editor in chief of magazine “Purple Fashion,” and the photo shoots were handled by Ryan McGinley.