Backpacks and parkas designed in collaboration with manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and brand OUTDOOR PRODUCTS will be sold on the shopping website “Premium Bandai.”

The “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Red Stone of Aja Daypack” (9,240 yen) is adorned with motifs of the “Red Stone of Aja” and “Lisa Lisa Emblem.”

Zip-up sweat parka dubbed “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Speedwagon Foundation Parka” (7,140 yen) is decorated with the emblem of the Speedwagon Foundation started by Robert E.O. Speedwagon. Available in gray or navy.

Reservations began on July 16, and those that place an order will receive the goods at the end of October. The items are also available at Village Vanguard and the website “Mekke!” (from Shueisha).

OUTDOOR PRODUCTS was founded in Los Angeles in 1970. In 1973, the company began to manufacture outdoor items. In 1986, the company name was changed to Outdoor Recreation Group and the original name became the name for its flagship brand. Other specialized brands were set up for sports such as: hunting, skiing, and snowboarding. Its products are available in over 60 countries.

The manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has teamed up with many fashion brands including- sneakers with CONVERSE and watches with SEIKO.