Photographer Yuji Susaki, who caused quite a stir with his photo collection book titled “COSPLAY made in Japan,” releases his latest work on Aug. 8. His new work is titled “DEMPA MODELS × 100 COSPLAY” (publisher: clearstone Co., Ltd.) and is being pre-sold on

The new book (184 pages, price: 2,800 yen) was created in collaboration with clearstone Co., Ltd., a company which sells costumes. 100 costume play styles were photographed featuring idol unit as models. clearstone recently launched a fashion cosplay brand “LUNATIC LEMONY LOLLIPOP” with popular model AMO as its director.

Susaki was born in 1963. After graduating from Nihon University College of Art Department of Photography, he moves to New York. After returning to Japan, he works as a photographer in fashion, music, and advertisement. From 2011 onwards, he has been publishing photo collection books focusing on pop culture and erotic kawaii girls. Some of his recent works include: sweet joshi, bon bon lolita and COSPLAY made in Japan. He won a prize these past two years at the photo contest “prix de la photographie paris competition.”