Sales are strong and ahead of budget at premium denim brand JACOB COHЁN’s new Tokyo Midtown store, which opened on April 25th marking the first flagship store of the brand in Japan.

Known for its luxury tailored jeans designed to be worn in coordination with jackets, JACOB COHЁN has won the hearts of fans around the world with its ‘perfect fitting’. It represents Italy in the genre of tailored denim with its characteristic draping taking its genes from tailoring methods. They have roughly 800 counterparty stores around the world.

The Tokyo Midtown store is their third flagship store opening overseas following stores in Saint-Tropez and Antwerp. Although store area is minimal at approximately 70 square meters, product lineup ranges from pants to knit tops, shirts and leather tops- for both men and women. The brand shares Tokyo Midtown’s customer base which may be one of the reasons behind its success- along with Ron Herman, another store enjoying good sales after joining Tokyo Midtown upon its renewal.

The core of JACOB COHЁN’s customer base is men in their 30s and 40s, some of whom have made the brand famous by owning dozens of pairs of jeans to a person and being loyal repeat customers. Each season, over 400 models of pants are made available with differing patch, rivet and button designs depending on their product number. Such meticulousness lies behind the admiration of JACOB COHЁN’s fans, but another little-known appreciation is: fragrance.

The “patchouli” herb of the lamiaceae family is used to set dye at the end of the washing process. Since the times of 18th century Silk Road trade, essential oil of patchouli has been in use against moth damage, and JACOB COHЁN uses this oil in the final working process of denim. This results in the sweet fragrance of patchouli in brand-new articles of clothing, a characteristic unique to the brand appreciated by its fans.

Jeans are priced at 32,000 yen and above for Preview line, 37,000 yen and above for Premium line, 35,000 yen and above for Basic line. The Limited line (limited sales) comes boxed and is priced at around 60,000 to 70,000 yen. An edition with detachable crocodile patch is scheduled for sale in the Fall/Winter season this year.