To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of “Ikeresu 8 & 9,” a collaboration event dubbed “Ikeresu 8 & 9 Isshunendesuga” with shojo manga “Glass Mask” and its parody anime version “Garasunokamendesuga” will be held from June 15th until July 31st.

At the 27 restaurants on the two floors, commemoration menus and those inspired by the Mask will appear. Within the building, a photo spot will also be set up, where one can freely take photos with actual size manga character panel. A stamp is provided with every meal at each restaurant and once 5 stamps are collected, goods relating to the Glass Mask will be gifted to those who win by lucky draw.

Glass Mask written by Suzue Miuchi, began as a manga series in 1976 and has been continuing to this day for 36 years. Garasunokamendesuga is a parody of the Glass Mask created by anime studio DLE and its theater version “Garasunokamendesuga THE MOVIE” will be screened from June 22nd.