MARK STYLER apparel brand ‘MURUA’ entered into a license agreement with beauty dealer Kikuya-Bisyodo, producing a professional beauty product line geared toward hair salons.

Their first two items for hair salons, ‘Seal Hair Extensions’ and ‘Eyelash Extensions’ were launched in mid-May. Seal Hair Extensions adopt human hair. Attachments are applied using seals (stickers), resulting in less damage on natural hair and scalp. A variety of shades are available ranging from 22 basic colors to 5 milky colors, plus 2 new milky colors starting this season; Aqua and Beige.

Eyelash Extensions were tested repeatedly for curl durability and flexibility before Platinum Mink Extensions were adopted. A new method of application called the e-mili style will allow for the shortening of the process and drying time compared to existing eyelash extensions. Jet-black Platinum Mink comes in a range of curls and thicknesses, also available is Multicolor, a colorful variety. As of June, popular hair salons such as AFLOAT, allys hair and K two are set to introduce services, with expansion of services planned in up to 200 salons by the end of this year.

MURUA is a women’s fashion brand established in 2006 with apparel store clerk and popular reader model Momoko Ogihara at its center. It proposes feminine mode styling to women in their early 20s.