From June 1st, “” exhibition is held at URBAN RESEARCH Kyoto Store until June 23rd and URBAN RESEARCH iD of Shibuya Lumine Men Store until June 16th.

The theme is “Supreme Comfort with Stetecos”. lines up their newest products as well as other stylishly designed stetecos that are not limited to men but enjoyable by women as well. Last year’s popular event, rakugo (storytelling comedy) by Kaishi Katsura will also be held this year, at the Kyoto store on June 8th from 19:00. As it turns out, rakugo and steteco have a strong link with a historical background. Going back to the Meiji Period, in around 1880, rakugo artist Enyu Sanyutei rolled up his kimono, revealed his han-momohiki (short drawers), and danced a “Steteco Odori” (Steteco Dance) on stage. The Steteco Dance was a great hit, and thereafter, han-momohiki became to be called steteco. was founded in 2008 as the world’s first steteco research institute. Under the mission, “revitalize steteco culture and create innovation”, creates and sells made-in-Japan steteco with traditional materials. The company also produces collaboration items by vigorously working with artist brands such as “HIROCOLEDGE” by Hiroko Takahashi and “enamel.” by Ryoji and Sayuri Ishioka.