LUMINE MAN SHIBUYA collaborates with the popular anime “ARISE-Ghost in the Shell-” to hold the event “LUMINE MAN×ARISE-Ghost in the Shell-.” From June 1st to July 11th.

Prior to the theatrical release on June 22nd, original illustrations of the film embellish the interior of LUMINE MAN SHIBUYA. Outdoor advertisements adorned with original illustrations and posters of Logicoma, a robot in the film that wears items from eyewear store “JINS,” men’s bag brand “MSPC PRODUCT” and apparel store “RECORD” will be displayed. For a limited time until the 6th, select shop “Revelations” exhibits the figures of Logicoma.

Director of the film, Kazuchika Kise led Production I.G handled the main visual for the event. The visual was created imaged after the character in the film Motoko Kusanagi, together with the new machine Logicoma alighting at LUMINE MAN SHIBUYA. The visual is used for the posters which will decorate the premises of train stations. Those who purchase over 5,000 yen during the event period will be gifted with an original clear file whose motif changes weekly.

LUMINE actively holds collaborations with anime and manga. LUMINE EST along with LUMINE MAN SHIBUYA collaborated with the movie version of popular TV anime series “K-ON!” in the autumn of 2011. LUMINE collaborated twice with “EVANGELION New Theatrical Edition,” one in the autumn of 2010 and the other with “EVANGELION:3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO” preceding the release in the autumn of 2012. LUMINE Tachikawa also collaborated with manga “SAINT YOUNG MEN” (Kodansha, Ltd.) and held a panel exhibition.