coromoya, a company which manages the fashion web magazine coromo, will open co-working space coromoza (Olympia Annex 201, 6-31-21, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) on June 3rd.

The company establishes a fashion brand to provide a space for producing fashion items, offering machines and equipment necessary for making clothes such as a sewing machine, iron, laser cutter, 3D printer, photo shop and personal computer installed with Illustrator.

Registration being required, the registered users will be able to cover the entire process from production to selling items. The rental fee is available from 20,000 yen per month. Also, one can use the space on an hourly and daily basis for 1,000 yen per hour or 3,000 yen per day. For nomad users, they can use the machines and equipment within the space freely on an hourly basis.

In addition, the company plans to hold numerous events such as workshops, exhibits, symposiums and gatherings. Designers and fashion lovers will be given opportunities to socialize with each other, come up with fresh ideas and introduce fashion culture by sharing the space.