CEORY INC., a company which manages dining facilities specializing in Japanese sake newly opens “HAKOBUNE PLATINUM” in Ginza, Tokyo on May 11th.

The store targets female customers and stylishly serves sake in wine glasses. For those not accustomed to drink sake, the restaurant lines up cocktails using sake as a base such as those named “wine glass x Japanese sake” and “Japanese sake cocktail.”

The menu is supervised by beauty foods specialist Mayumi Muroya from Fukui, who also works as a model. The concept of beauty foods is “to create smiles and beauty through food.” Menus, which introduce hints to beautiful lifestyles, are centered on brown unpolished rice, whole grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables, soy, tofu, seaweed, fermented foods and traditional seasoning. Desserts are made without white sugar and animal based products.

The menu partially introduces macrobiotic menus in line with one of its mottos of serving macrobiotic foods that go well with Japanese sake.