On April 4th, EMPORIO ARMANI opened its flagship store in Japan.

oak omotesando is situated on the site of HANAE MORI building. The EMPORIO ARMANI store covers approximately 600 square meters where the 1st floor provides women’s items while the 2nd floor offers men’s along with both women’s and men’s sports line “EA7” to boast the most lavish assortment of items in Japan. The first EMPORIO ARMANI CAFFE in Japan is set up as an annex to the store.

LED lights are installed inside the highly transparent exterior curtain wall, the largest in scale nationally, to bring out the symbolic eagle mark to the surface.

At the EMPORIO ARMANI CAFFE, 30 seats including seats at the counter are available. In addition to dessert menus, baristas prepare 25 variations of coffee along with 8 variations of flavored tea. One may also enjoy aperitivo (aperitif in Italian) which is familiar in Italy as an opener to dinner. EMPORIO ARMANI CAFFE opens its stores in Milan, London, Paris, Dubai, São Paulo, Istanbul, and other principal cities around the world. The CAFFE in Aoyama marks its 12th.