Debuting from a knitwear brand “Cruciani,” bracelet line “Cruciani C” presents a collaborative series with Disney. Two million pieces of Cruciani C bracelets were sold in homeland Italy alone, last year.

Cruciani C has worked with with jewelry brands, chocolatiers, popular artists, celebrities, and more across a wide genre. This time, the Disney series are adorned with popular Disney characters and cutely designed for both adults and children.

Four types of designs are prepared- Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, glass slippers and pumpkin carriage of Cinderella, and tiara motifs. Centered on bright pop colors, Cruciani C × Disney presents each bracelet in 18 colors. Only the Mickey Mouse bracelets for adults are available in 32 colors. Priced at 1,890 yen for both adults and children.

The collaboration bracelets are available at stores from the mid March at Cruciani Tokyo Midtown Shop, Cruciani C Shop Harajuku Store, and the STRASBURGO shops. Opened on March 13th, the Cruciani C online shop offered presales.