Standing at the borderline of art, many fetish fantasizing photo collections depicting girls in particularly specified situations are being published since entering the 2010’s (take for example “Paisura Joshi” by Atsunori Daikon published from Grand Media. CO., Ltd and “Bishobisho” by Tetsuo Sato from Myway Publishing Co., Ltd.) .

In such an era, there is a photographer who stands on the boundary of fashion and fetishism. Last July, Yuji Susaki released “COSPLAY made in Japan” in which girls clad in deformed fantasizing costumes- ranging from a sailor to maid, bus-guide, oiran (courtesan), samurai, angel, Dracula, Alice (in Wonderland), Little Red Riding Hood,cat and Gulliver's Travels- are portrayed in lascivious poses.

Cut editing and paginations are composed in the manner of artistic photo collections. Costumes are designed by costume designer Serika who assiduously crafted the costumes one by one as haute couture works of art. Is cosplay contemporary art or is it just erokawa (erotic kawaii)? Or is it a metaphysical act? In the epilogue, philosopher Kiyokazu Washida considers the controversial issue and leads the reader to a conclusion.

“Cosplay” is also available as e-book for Kindle at Amazon. Susaki has photographed girls beyond their adolescence but not yet a woman. His works, such as “sweet joshi” and “bon bon lolita” have created a sensation online.