Where Hanae Mori Building once stood, a new commercial complex named oak omotesando will open on April 4th.

The building facade was designed by Obayashi Corporation and TANGE ASSOCIATES in collaboration. The complex harmonizes with the zelkova-lined Omotesando Boulevard and its neighboring structures and is aimed to create a fresh landscape. On the southern end of the central passage running through the structure lays a green zone in which oaks are planted to celebrate the new building’s naming. The space continuing from the entrance hall to the second floor cafe is designed by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. From the highest ceiling hangs mathematical model “KUKKYOCHO” to symbolize its role as the holy body of a temple-like space. The facade’s illumination was undertaken by lighting designer Shozo Toyohisa. Toyohisa uses LEDs to create light gradations with a traditional Japanese taste.

The first and second floors house shops and restaurants. EMPORIO ARMANI and COACH will open a flagship store, as well as cut & sew brand three dots. Tokyo’s first flagship store NESPRESSO Boutique and cafe “Sahsya Kanetanaka” produced by luxury traditional restaurant Kanetanaka will also be held in the complex.