LightUp Shopping Club Inc. owned online select store BEYES is opening a company store named “JACKET REQUIRED” in Omotesando on February 1st.

JACKET REQUIRED Omotesando resembles a library lounge that stores carefully selected gem items collected from around the world. Just as its name portrays, “Monster Shelf,” measuring 10m in width and 6m in height, lines the walls of the store. Customers can comfortably examine the items displayed in the Monster Shelf from sofas made by Danish furniture craftsman, Hans J. Wegner.

For the grand opening, a number of limited edition items- such as 13 color variations of flat shoulder bags from DANIEL & BOB, Medallion chukka boots from TRICKER’S, garment-dyed cotton jacket of L.M.B. 1911- are specially prepared. In addition, for a limited time period until the 14th, all purchasers are gifted with logoed glass cleaning clothes. For purchasers of more than 30,000 yen, a custom-made DANIEL & BOB coin-case or a custom-made LOOPWHEELER stole will be given.

“JACKET REQUIRED” started as a paper catalogue for adults enjoying dress code fashion. To embody its philosophy, JACKET REQUIRED developed into an original brand in its own right. Accumulated knowledge and experiences of dealing international first class goods and nurtured partnerships with makers allow JACKET REQUIRED to provide high quality collections at satisfying value prices.

BEYES currently holds a company store “BEYES EDIT STORE” in HERBIS OSAKA. BEYES OMOTESANDO HILLS closes on the 6th and starts anew as JACKET REQUIRED.

【Store Information】
Address: 3-8-18 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 2nd Floor
Store Hours: 12:00 – 20:00