In September JAL announced that its new uniforms would be adopted next year. Organizing the “New Uniform Project Team”, JAL employees from various sections created high-quality, neat and beautiful uniforms under the new-born JAL’s brand concept. The designs feature JAL group characteristics that are harmonious with their aircrafts and airport signage so that they can be recognized as their uniforms at first sight.

Keita Maruyama is the designer in charge of creating and supervising the uniforms of flight attendants and customer service staff. Based on a noble dark blue color, bright red accentuates the uniforms. All of the female flight attendants’ uniforms in JAL group use the same circular-crane logo differentiated only by the color of scarves. Male uniforms are designed to allow easy movements while retaining an elegant silhouette. In addition to these, a lovely white jacket and a pink scarf were created for customer service staff in the lounge.

Uniforms for the cabin crew are traditional chic black suits symbolizing a sense of security and reliability. The designer has taken details such as materials and sewing method into consideration. Uniforms for maintenance staff, and ground and cargo handling staff are based on a light gray with JAL red. The uniforms will be introduced in the first half of the year 2013.